space savers


pulldown bed doubles as sofa

Hah! Hahahah!!

I remember doing my first space planning project in college.  I don’t think the instructor liked me very much…I don’t think I liked her either.

We had to plan an efficiency apartment that included a small kitchen, a dining area, a living area and of course, a sleeping area.  All in one tiny room.

Flash to current times and the advent of micro-apartments and tiny houses.  They’re all over the place. 

I designed my space using a Murphy Bed.  That’s where the bed folds up into a cabinet on the wall.  When you’re not sleeping, pop the bed into the cabinet and you have additional floor space.  Genius.

My instructor liked my idea, sort of.  I think she really wanted to shoot me down.  But I made use of the extra space by having a chair and storage ottoman to make use of the square footage when the bed was stowed.

She grudgingly gave me a B.

  • Suspended Bed saves Space.  What happens when your pillow falls off the platform?  I love that this bed is under an enormous sky light.

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