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OMG I can’t believe I’ve not told you about this yet.  This Summer when Wren & I went to Faerie Fest, I thought I might run into Katwise.  Katwise is “internet famous”” and a creative juggernaut with a bad-ass business.  She makes patchwork coats, sweaters & dresses out of recycled sweaters.  On average she has one big Etsy sale per month where she sells about 50 sweaters.  The average price runs about $200 with some Priestess Coats going for $400 or more depending on extras & details.  Oh, and the sweaters?  All of them sell out in 15 minutes or less.  You do the math….it’s amazing.

Why did I think I might see her?  She lives in Upstate New York, albeit and hour or two from Faerie Fest.  She has friends in common with Faerie Fest, I think.  And why not?  A Faerie Fest is a whimsical, creative endeavor in itself.  You’re an artist, a painter, a creatrix even? Why not visit?

She was not there.

But she was at FaerieCon two weeks ago.  Yes!  She was there.  I met her.  And I tried not to Squeeeeeeeeee!  But I think I did.

Cut to this weekend.  I’ve never logged in to a Katwise sale on Etsy.  This time I did.  I kept refreshing the listings.  I picked something, it ended up in my shopping cart and then it disappeared.  The next one I put in my cart was amazing.  And the transaction went through.  It.  Went.  Through.

My beautiful coat, Hester Prynne, is bright red with Indigo seams.  And it is on the way to my house.  OHMYGOSH I’m so excited.  And also, to hear so many people tripe about how they’ve tried to “win” a Katwise sweater for a year…..I get one on the first time.  Squeeeeee!


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