Frenchy and the Punk

They used to be called the Gypsy Nomads.  And I kinda got hooked on them last Summer.  They’re touring from Seattle back to the East Coast this fall.  And who the heck knew?  They scheduled a visit to Cleveland at the Beachland Tavern.

So, I took myself on a date. (It was a Tuesday but DD had a corporate gig.)  I bought myself a beautiful salad at the Diner on Clifton….and sat at the counter.  Then I trotted across town to the Beachland.  I got the last seat at the bar right next to stage left.  I was pretty much in Heaven.

I wound up sitting next to two awesome Faerie people who always go to FaerieCon, Spoutwood and MD Faerie Fest.  What are the odds?  Karen and Joe live about about 30 minutes west of Cleveland and were kind of stunned that anyone else from Cleveland would venture out East for Faerie Festivals.

The opener was a vaudeville act, Punch & Squeal.  They were fun and among other things did a festive sing-a-long to “Where Are You Tonite?’ of Hee-Haw fame.

Then Frenchy and the Punk took the stage.  It was such a great, fun-filled, intimate little show.  It was pretty darned amazing.  They played with such energy and enthusiasm.  They made sure they included the audience in the shenanigans.  I ended up doing a Can-Can dance with about 7 other people from the audience when they played one of their favorites.  And they did several sing-a-longs as well.

I cannot wait to see them again.  Maybe at the Steampunk World’s Fair?  Who knows?


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