What are You?

I read the funniest blog post just now by Leandra.  It’s on Man Repeller (Leandra Medine)  It’s categorizes “girls who go out” into three types. I’ve taken the liberty here and re-named the three Go Out Girls. bandage skirt There’s what I’d call the Club Gal.  She’s wearing a bandage skirt, tank top and leather coat.  She’s also wearing adorable booties.  And. No. Tights.  And. No. Leggings.  Bare Legs.  <———-It’s Winter you crazy Gal.  Aren’t you freezing?

slouch hat chanel bagThen there’s the Hip-Repeller.  She’s wearing a tank, skinny jeans, a wool overcoat and possibly a slouchy wool hat.  She’s also wearing pumps.  And. No. Tights.  And. No. Leggings.  And. No. Socks.  She’s cold too.  But not nearly as cold as Club Gal.  sweater scarfThen there’s the Cat Lady.  She’s wearing schlumpy wool pants, wool socks, a huge boxy wool sweater, a huge coat (mannish?) and a giant scarf.  A scarf so giant that Godzilla could wear it.  And her footgear?  They’re called Schlumpers…. she can skate and skim over the iciest, snowiest patches with ease.  She’s also probably a germa-phobe.  She never gets sick.  Because she never touches anything with her bare hands.

I’m the Hip-Repeller.  I love a good shoe.  Especially a heel.  Even in a cold climate, I am only vaguely dressed for the weather.  It helps that I’m “gingery”  and presumably almost always warm.  So I do not dress for the weather.  Nor do I ever really wear a real coat.  A jacket will suffice.  Snow boots?  Usually high heeled.  Hey.  They have treads.  And are water proof.  Still, they’re heels.

shoesSo, now I’m in a somewhat arbitrary classification.  Which is to say that I’m in the middle of this group of women.  The women who go out and are classified by what they wear.  What are you?  Well, since no one totally fits in a box, what classification is closest to you?

Club Gal?  Hip-Repeller?  Cat Lady?

~~~~Once again, this post is inspired by Leandra of Man Repeller fame.

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