Be sure to drink your Ovaltine

Previous post courtesy of my need to have this blog listed with Bloglovin.


I follow all my favorite blogs on Bloglovin.  This, of course, happened because Google killed it’s Reader service. Bloglovin works pretty well and I really like to see my favorite blogs exactly how they are formatted.  So that works.

It’s kind of a pain when I do a LINKLOVE post of my own.  Bloglovin does not show the actual URL of the blog, it shows a Bloglovin URL.  So then I have to go to the *actual* blog, if I can remember the URL and rip the URL from there.  First world problems, I know.

But, all in all Bloglovin is a good feed for me.  And it makes me realize the crazy number of blogs I read, or try to read.  I get a gut check stomach lurch is I’ve not checked my feed in a couple of days and I have 972 posts to read.

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a little pellet of hell
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