from the depths of lent

glass-of-wineYeah, here I am.  I’m not Catholic.  Never was.  I gave up something for lent. Which I’ve only ever done one other time.

It’s more the timing of it than anything.  And getting ready for Spring.  I gave up my occasional two glasses of wine in favor of abstinence.  I have a doctor’s appointment too.  Which makes me old.  I want to be at my best for the appointment.

Who am I? Where’s the old, fun, crazy hellpellet? I think I may  have turned the corner to middle age.  At least doctor-wise, I have.  So what’s another 2 weeks of abstaining from some wine with dinner?  Not much, in the scheme of things, as it turns out.

About hellpellet

a little pellet of hell
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