I’ve been floating along in a daze for about a week.  Doing chores at home, half way to my intended destination and I forget what I’m doing.  That’s pretty normal, I know.

If anything gets me out of my normal morning routine, forget it.  I’m surprised that I can get to work on time and with all my clothes on.  As I said, I’m not drinking for the period of lent.  Am I absent-minded and foggy because I’m not drinking?

Morning routine?  I got everything done this morning and all of my clothes on.  I located my keys.  And I found my makeup bag, my purse and my briefcase.

I forgot my phone.  I think it’s on the bathroom counter.



#####UPdAtE:  My phone fell out of my pocket in the car.  My very cold phone was sitting on the seat, waiting for me. ##########

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