Faerie Fest (June 2013)

photo(4)This is long, long overdue.  I’m hesitating posting it because….well, there aren’t many good photos.

Which I’ll explain.  It rained like a banshee almost the entire weekend.  The rain made the details of camping, toileting, eating, drinking, costuming, and frankly, living, a tough scene.  The land is beautiful in Ouaquaga, NY.  Mother Nature showed us She was truly running the show for the weekend.

We arrived at the campground during a fine mist that had been in progress all morning.  We’d heard on Facebook that most campers had been turned away the night before.  Due to heavy rains and loads of mud, the road through the campground was closed.  If we wanted to camp, we’d have to park in the lot and cart each piece of camping equipment about a mile.  A mile of toting tent, mattresses, sleeping bags etc. in the mud.  Not just any mud but sticky, slippy, deep mud.

It started to rain in earnest.   We went on a mission, on foot, through the mud,  to get our tickets and looked for a likely spot for our tent.  Most areas of the campground were swamps masquerading as fields.  Not an ideal place to set up a tent.

We finally found a spot.  It was relatively dry and on high ground.  And a porta-john was nearby.  We decided to bring the minimum amount of gear into the actual campsite.  Tent, sleeping bags, pillows and camp chairs.  All of our clothes, get ready items and costumes, food, drink would stay in the car in the parking lot.  We slept at the campground and did literally everything else in the parking lot.

Did I mention the parking lot was muddy as well?  It was. If in doubt, see above.

Continued tomorrow…….



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