Faerie Fest, part 2


above snaps from the Magic Barn

(You can read FaerieFest, Part 1 here)

Also, did I mention that the showers did not work?  (they started working sometime on Saturday)

So, we’re at a costuming type event, and we are getting changed in a muddy parking lot.  And brushing our teeth and washing our faces, too.  In a muddy parking lot.

Friday was rainy and sad.  The vendors were even more sad than we were.  They had the same situation with portaging and camping but, to add to their misery, they could not drive  their booths, tents and wares onto the Fest site.  They had to hand carry their vending gear to Fest site too.  Attendance was sparse on Friday because of the rain.  I think the vendors wanted to die, no one was buying anything.

Before you think that this entire weekend was a disaster, let me tell you about the magic barn.  A resourceful Fae Friend of ours decided to park his van and gear right next to an old barn at the entrance of the Fest.  He slept in the hay loft of the barn.  We hung out with him in the barn during an absolutely ridiculous rainstorm. The sound of the rain on the roof was amazing.  We were tucked away in the barn and could watch everyone leaving the Fest site, but they couldn’t see us.  We shared a chilled bottle of wine and listened to the rain and told story after story.

Some other highlights of the weekend:

  • Syntheia and Leslie supplied us with Faerie Flair Hair.  I had one piece still left in my hair until two days ago.
  • There were hoopers and poi spinners there….I had been feeling shy and did not want to “play” publicly.  I watched them all night.  And guess what?  I’m as good if not better than all of them.  So, I can hoop and poi publicly.  No worries there.
  • Galumpha is amazing.  Galumpha is a trio of dancers, contortionists and acrobats.  They put on an amazing, athletic and inspiring show despite the rain and less than ideal stage conditions.

Some lessons I learned:

When camping at a Fae Fest, assume that not all plumbing, transportation and services will work or be available.  Assume there will be Chai, always assume that.  Assume no food will be available except what you can carry yourself.  Assume that once on site there will be no leaving to get any other supplies, food stuffs or water.  Assume that you might have to build an ark or hitch a ride in a helicopter to get home.

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