gypsy caravans

Oh!  I thought I was so ready for The Maryland Faerie Fest and then, all of a sudden, I’m not really ready.  All the things that I’ve been saving til the last minute? Yep.  It’s kind of the last minute.

So, it’s all going into a duffel bag and I’ll sort it out when I get there.  I have all the poi, hoops, sparklers, glow necklaces, hats, top hats, boots (MUD BOOTS) and striped socks.

So, technically, I’m ready.  I just need a last trip to the grocery store and I’m good.  And I need to vacuum out my car.  There are still pine needles from Christmas in there.  Yep.

So….Wish me Luck.  We’re down to less than 48 hours away!


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