Glamping or Cozy Campsites


photos by Renee Kogler

We made the most comfy, adorable campsite.  And we hung out at the campsite quite a bit.  We had access to a cabin with a full bathroom.  And we tucked our tent and campsite behind the cabin, back in the woods.  No one could really see us.

It was pretty amazing.  We did yoga in the woods on Saturday morning.  We went to the Fest and shopped and talked to friends.

Then we watched our friends do some pretty sweet belly dance stuff.  Yay!

Then it rained.  Our stuff got wet but somehow we managed.  And then it rained again.  But somehow it was still ok.

After a night of fitful sleep, we got up, broke down the campsite and got out of dodge.  I’ve never seenmy tent or drop cloth as wet as it was.  Every square inch was soaked.

Next time?  Cots.  We are sleeping on cots.  And we’ll let the water run through the tent.


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