Enter the world where nothing is a coincidence.  My friend had a dream about a man a year or two ago.  He never spoke in the dream.  Nothing was ever complicated in the dream.  But he was there, looking at my friend.  Or sitting with my friend.  At one point, one of the dreams was of the two of them sitting at a campfire together.  She asked that I take their photo.

We were at a Faerie event about 5 weeks ago.  We were watching a belly dance show.  The man was sitting two seats down from her.  The man from her dreams.  She did not talk to him.  She didn’t even tell me it was the Dream Man until several weeks later.

We made the connection and she “friended” him on Facebook.  He invited us to his annual Hobbit House party.  And we went.

We knew no one but ended up meeting everyone.  And this, this is just the beginning of the story.  It continues from here.  Who knows where it will go.




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