Type A and Yoga

I’ve been doing yoga for almost two years. (which is like the blink of an eye) I didn’t get serious about it until this Spring. (commence “selling” everyone yoga. ha!)

I purchased a membership at the Studio where I began my practice. And I love it. My minimum goal is to go twice a week. Which, if I added up the drop-in fees, would be making me way ahead of the game. (I only need to go 4 times per month to be even, so 8 times makes it a good goal.)

My new favorite instructor is Rachelle. She’s good. She’s fit. She leads an ass kicking class and….she’s super intuitive. The class I normally go to is at 6 pm on Saturday. There have been 3 people there, at most, ever. One time it was two of us, plus Rachelle.

So Rachelle has said twice, “Most people who go to yoga are Type A.” I would think it would be the opposite. The chill people, the ones that are Present, the ones in flow with the Universe and their soul would be the ones who do yoga.

Then I really thought about it. Yeah, Type A needs yoga. Type A needs to yield, to soften. Type A can kick ass at Power Yoga. Type A can hold that super athletic pose. But Type A needs to be in the breath and yield to gifts and energy in a pose. Yoga does not include lists or accomplishments or goals. (see what I did there? I have yoga attendance goals. For my own good.)

So, a Type A yogini? Yep, that’s me. Yoga – it’s exactly what I need.

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