Gluten Free and my Damn Phone part 2

Continued from yesterday here

I whip off the cover of my phone.  I pull the car over.  I wipe down the phone.  My phone rings.  I answer it and warn the caller that my phone could die at any moment.


damn delicious Buttery Spread

The “Buttery Spread” (not actually butter) was seeping through the layers of my phone screen.  It was blotchy but that damn phone still worked. Thankfully the oil never “spread” to the guts of the phone.

DD very kindly replaced the screen for me.  Damn, those screws are tiny.  I think he had to use a magnifying glass on parts of it.  It worked ok.  But the screeen started to delaminate and the A, S and E key no longer worked.

I dropped it on the floor in Giant Eagle and cracked the screen by the Home Key.  Just a few cracks.


Two weeks later I dropped it on the concrete at the Garden Center at Lowe’s.  And cracked the entire top half of the screen.  It got really wonky after that.

DD even more kindly replaced the screen again.  He worked pretty fast this time.  He knows all the tricks now.

I had the screen replaced and everything felt fresh and new. I went out immediately and purchased a LifeProof case.  No water.  No impact.  No snow.  No Oil.  Will ever ruin my phone.



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