organized? maybe


Weekly-to-doThere’s so much to do.  I’m excited about all the things to do.  I’m finding that I’m still getting used to doing something different, something on my own.  I am a master at prioritizing but somehow, this is different.

I’m feeling a bit disoriented, disorganized maybe.  I have a to do list, but the list is long.  And that is daunting.  So I feel the need to break it down into parts and pieces.  My list right now is on paper.  That’s my best way, my most productive way, to get all my tasks on a list.

I guess the question is….is my final “to do” work flow going to be on paper?  Or is it going to be digital?  Something I can share on all my devices?  I’m not sure.

  • How do you sort your to do list?
  • What do you use?
  • How many to do tasks do you “allow” yourself per day?
  • Do you use both paper and digital? Or exclusively one or the other?

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