slow start

mantra-circleSo, I usually roll into a New Year with a clean briefcase, plans for a clean studio and work space, some goals set and a list of words.  This year is the same, except it’s not on the first or second of the month.  It’s kind of now….

The mess in my studio is down to a dull roar.  My desk is clean.  My briefcase is clear.  I have a new laptop sleeve.

I have some goals set, as I mentioned last year, I don’t like resolutions.  If it’s lose 10 pounds and go on a diet, I always blow those type of resolutions right out of the gate. And then I beat myself up about it.

So, a couple of goals, a couple of words.

What’s up with the words?  It’s kind of a mantra.  It’s kind of an affirmation.  I choose two or three words at the beginning of every new year.  I write them down on a pretty piece of paper and slip them into my wallet.  I write them on a few other cards or post it notes and post them places I will see them every day.

Those are my marching orders for the year.  My touchstones.

Last year I included the word “travel” in my mantra.  I’m including it this year as well.  Kind of by default….

There are delicious trips in the works this year.  To the beach in February for a long weekend.  To the Smoky Mountains for a wedding on May Day.  To the beach again for our annual trip.  And there’s talk of adventures to NYC, Palm Springs and possibly Napa Valley.

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2 Responses to slow start

  1. I love the idea about words. Stealing this. Maybe steal should be one of my words?

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