Grand Mamma (Daddy) of them All

Photo by Steve Schultz

Yep, I’m getting stoked for this, the Grand Mother (Daddy) of Faerie Fests. New York Faerie Fest is in a week plus a few days. I went last year and tell you all about it (here & here) I’m not even part way through my “to do” list for this event. And I don’t care. I now plan on making one thing.

Instead of Five Things, I will Make One Amazing Thing. 

I’ll make sure I show you pics of the complete ensemble. I need to get my packing done. Well,actually ,my “sorting” needs to be done. I have way too many things in all of my boxes of stuff. Way. Too. Many.

And I probably don’t have enough stuff in my “Magpie Costume” box. There are never enough “shineys” or jewelry.

Just to remind you, this was my gear last year. And yes, as you can see, there are Porta-Johns nearby.  Loud doors slamming shut, but you get used to it.  It’s actually nice to be pretty close to the john.

And this was my Single Magpie set up. I decided to go to the Fest all by myself.  I had to design a whole new set up for 1 person.  I engineered a genius fly for my tent & it looked pretty damn awesome. The most important part? It’s relatively dry and storm safe.(Porta-Johns still in evidence)

And I brought my Steampunk Truly McKee decorations too. That made my campsite even more awesome. And cute, too.

I’ll tell you how the rest of it went tomorrow.  Why was the waterproof part necessary? Who are the Magpies?

See you tomorrow……

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