Here we go!

Man, I’ve been doing this a while.  This consulting thing.  This soap, fragrance thing.  But now I’m not doing it as “some stuff on the side”

I’m really doing it full time.  open sign 1


So here goes. 

Here’s the technical side of my business:

  • Do you need a responsive website?
  • Do you need a fresh look for your existing website?
  • Do you need content management for you website?
  • Do you need someone to handle your web inquiries and updates?
  • Do you need someone to manage your social media?
  • Do you need a quality tester for your existing website?
  • Do you need content creation, copy writing or editing?
  • Do you need someone with creative marketing ideas?

If so, contact me at:   hp  (at)  mesmerizemedia  (dot)  net


And, the creative I “make things” part of my business:

  • Do you need a spray to help you focus?
  • Do you need a spray to help you relax?
  • Do you need a spray to cleanse and recharge your space?
  • Do you need an all natural, part organic scrub, body butter or bath detox?
  • Do you need an all natural products gift basket for a party, shower or wedding?

If so please contact my via:  contact  (at)  trulymckee  (dot) com



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FaerieCon 2014 Inspiration

wasea101 steam goth steam SF steam sky piece steam dip coat

Dip Back Coat on Rebels Market

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water from heaven.
the dampness of you.
waves in your hands.

Frida Kahlo


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Fresh water and New ideas

Missing my book club ladies but remembering years past, hanging at The Lake.


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color my world

colors overflowing

I have so much more pink to give.  And an almost unlimited supply of blue.

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I can have?


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Gluten Free and my Damn Phone part 2

Continued from yesterday here

I whip off the cover of my phone.  I pull the car over.  I wipe down the phone.  My phone rings.  I answer it and warn the caller that my phone could die at any moment.


damn delicious Buttery Spread

The “Buttery Spread” (not actually butter) was seeping through the layers of my phone screen.  It was blotchy but that damn phone still worked. Thankfully the oil never “spread” to the guts of the phone.

DD very kindly replaced the screen for me.  Damn, those screws are tiny.  I think he had to use a magnifying glass on parts of it.  It worked ok.  But the screeen started to delaminate and the A, S and E key no longer worked.

I dropped it on the floor in Giant Eagle and cracked the screen by the Home Key.  Just a few cracks.


Two weeks later I dropped it on the concrete at the Garden Center at Lowe’s.  And cracked the entire top half of the screen.  It got really wonky after that.

DD even more kindly replaced the screen again.  He worked pretty fast this time.  He knows all the tricks now.

I had the screen replaced and everything felt fresh and new. I went out immediately and purchased a LifeProof case.  No water.  No impact.  No snow.  No Oil.  Will ever ruin my phone.



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Gluten free and my damn phone

I’m tough on phones.  Oh yeah, rough.
I still have my red flip phone from Cingular days.  It still works too.

flip fone



After that gorgeous phone?  Ugggh.  I had a Blackberry that I sent through the wash in a pair of track pants. (I was tipsy doing my laundry.  Sue me.)

I dropped my iPhone 3G enough times to separate the screen from the back.  Luckily that phone fail was during my “re-up” time so my upgrade to the iPhone 4 was somewhat tolerable.

b berry

Yes, I had one of these beasts. It still works.

The iPhone 4 lived a pretty decent life.  I had it for 2 years and 3 weeks.  I had it in the pocket of my jeans and went to the bathroom at the Winking Lizard.  I had finished my business and was reorganizing myself when I heard a heavy dropping sound.  I turned to see my phone in the toilet.  It’d been in the water mere seconds.  That damn phone worked for about 45 minutes after the impact with the toilet water.

My luck, again, was good.  I was in the “re-up” period and the iPhone 5C and 5S had just been released.  I ran to the Apple store.  I’d have to wait at least 3 weeks to get the 5S so I bought the 5C instead.  Not my best decision but well, hindsight is always 20/20.

My screen has been releasing from the case almost since I bought it.  No bigs, right.  It’s still on.

All was well until I had a craving.

I’ve been gluten free for 4 years  (I don’t have Celiac) and I  really try to stay compliant.  Sometimes I get a jones though and am willing to pay the price.  Bob Evans biscuits are one of my things.  I hopped in my car after work, I was starving.  I remembered I had a Bob’s Biscuit in my car.  The “Buttery Spread” (not actually butter) packet was warm.  What would be more delicious that a couple of bites of biscuit with warm “Buttery Spread?” (Not actually butter)


Someone cut me off in traffic, I had to swerve.  The “Buttery Spread” (not actually butter) went flying as did the biscuit and my phone.

All three things ended up in a pile on my car mat.  The “Buttery Spread” (not actually butter) had run down the edge of my phone and had gotten trapped under my phone cover.



Continued tomorrow……..

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Type A and Yoga

I’ve been doing yoga for almost two years. (which is like the blink of an eye) I didn’t get serious about it until this Spring. (commence “selling” everyone yoga. ha!)

I purchased a membership at the Studio where I began my practice. And I love it. My minimum goal is to go twice a week. Which, if I added up the drop-in fees, would be making me way ahead of the game. (I only need to go 4 times per month to be even, so 8 times makes it a good goal.)

My new favorite instructor is Rachelle. She’s good. She’s fit. She leads an ass kicking class and….she’s super intuitive. The class I normally go to is at 6 pm on Saturday. There have been 3 people there, at most, ever. One time it was two of us, plus Rachelle.

So Rachelle has said twice, “Most people who go to yoga are Type A.” I would think it would be the opposite. The chill people, the ones that are Present, the ones in flow with the Universe and their soul would be the ones who do yoga.

Then I really thought about it. Yeah, Type A needs yoga. Type A needs to yield, to soften. Type A can kick ass at Power Yoga. Type A can hold that super athletic pose. But Type A needs to be in the breath and yield to gifts and energy in a pose. Yoga does not include lists or accomplishments or goals. (see what I did there? I have yoga attendance goals. For my own good.)

So, a Type A yogini? Yep, that’s me. Yoga – it’s exactly what I need.

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Enter the world where nothing is a coincidence.  My friend had a dream about a man a year or two ago.  He never spoke in the dream.  Nothing was ever complicated in the dream.  But he was there, looking at my friend.  Or sitting with my friend.  At one point, one of the dreams was of the two of them sitting at a campfire together.  She asked that I take their photo.

We were at a Faerie event about 5 weeks ago.  We were watching a belly dance show.  The man was sitting two seats down from her.  The man from her dreams.  She did not talk to him.  She didn’t even tell me it was the Dream Man until several weeks later.

We made the connection and she “friended” him on Facebook.  He invited us to his annual Hobbit House party.  And we went.

We knew no one but ended up meeting everyone.  And this, this is just the beginning of the story.  It continues from here.  Who knows where it will go.




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