slow start

mantra-circleSo, I usually roll into a New Year with a clean briefcase, plans for a clean studio and work space, some goals set and a list of words.  This year is the same, except it’s not on the first or second of the month.  It’s kind of now….

The mess in my studio is down to a dull roar.  My desk is clean.  My briefcase is clear.  I have a new laptop sleeve.

I have some goals set, as I mentioned last year, I don’t like resolutions.  If it’s lose 10 pounds and go on a diet, I always blow those type of resolutions right out of the gate. And then I beat myself up about it.

So, a couple of goals, a couple of words.

What’s up with the words?  It’s kind of a mantra.  It’s kind of an affirmation.  I choose two or three words at the beginning of every new year.  I write them down on a pretty piece of paper and slip them into my wallet.  I write them on a few other cards or post it notes and post them places I will see them every day.

Those are my marching orders for the year.  My touchstones.

Last year I included the word “travel” in my mantra.  I’m including it this year as well.  Kind of by default….

There are delicious trips in the works this year.  To the beach in February for a long weekend.  To the Smoky Mountains for a wedding on May Day.  To the beach again for our annual trip.  And there’s talk of adventures to NYC, Palm Springs and possibly Napa Valley.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder really sucks

….that’s pretty obvious, is it not?


So, I wanted to crawl into a hole last winter.  In March, I pretty much *did* crawl into a hole.  I’m going to do my best this year to head this thing off at the pass.  Or at least keep it at bay.

One weird thing that I did last year is make it worse.  I did not let myself think I was depressed or even bummed out.  I’m a big advocate of “fake it ’til you make it”  or just pretending that I’m not depressed.  Last year, I kind of went way beyond that.  I was in total denial.  I can really be a stubborn jackass sometimes.

So with it being nearly the darkest day of the year, I feel I need to make a SAD Mission Statement.  I am going to do my best to prevent/minimize it this year. Which is a lame Mission Statement. But I’m gonna go with it.

However, I’m going to get all SMART on my objectives.  (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time Bound for those of you not grooving with the corporate speak acronyms)

1.  Exercise at least 3 times per week.  Which means at least 30 minutes sustained aerobic activity.  And extra is a bonus.

2.  Go outside at least one time per day.  If it’s sunny I have to be outside for at least 30 minutes.

3.  Schedule!  Which I am loathe to do.  So I’ll go easy on myself. A. Eating, even a little bit, three times a day.  B. Taking my meds every morning.  Stating any more than would not be attainable.

4. Let my creativity go crazy.  I have to let the kookieness out.  Write, draw, paint, craft, wonder, jam, dance, hoop all that I can.  Commit to a creative pursuit once a day, even it if is something as small as doodling.


So there it is.  I am such a Virgo about my stuff.  (shout out to @laurlaur226)




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organized? maybe


Weekly-to-doThere’s so much to do.  I’m excited about all the things to do.  I’m finding that I’m still getting used to doing something different, something on my own.  I am a master at prioritizing but somehow, this is different.

I’m feeling a bit disoriented, disorganized maybe.  I have a to do list, but the list is long.  And that is daunting.  So I feel the need to break it down into parts and pieces.  My list right now is on paper.  That’s my best way, my most productive way, to get all my tasks on a list.

I guess the question is….is my final “to do” work flow going to be on paper?  Or is it going to be digital?  Something I can share on all my devices?  I’m not sure.

  • How do you sort your to do list?
  • What do you use?
  • How many to do tasks do you “allow” yourself per day?
  • Do you use both paper and digital? Or exclusively one or the other?
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Here we go!

Man, I’ve been doing this a while.  This consulting thing.  This soap, fragrance thing.  But now I’m not doing it as “some stuff on the side”

I’m really doing it full time.  open sign 1


So here goes. 

Here’s the technical side of my business:

  • Do you need a responsive website?
  • Do you need a fresh look for your existing website?
  • Do you need content management for you website?
  • Do you need someone to handle your web inquiries and updates?
  • Do you need someone to manage your social media?
  • Do you need a quality tester for your existing website?
  • Do you need content creation, copy writing or editing?
  • Do you need someone with creative marketing ideas?

If so, contact me at:   hp  (at)  mesmerizemedia  (dot)  net


And, the creative I “make things” part of my business:

  • Do you need a spray to help you focus?
  • Do you need a spray to help you relax?
  • Do you need a spray to cleanse and recharge your space?
  • Do you need an all natural, part organic scrub, body butter or bath detox?
  • Do you need an all natural products gift basket for a party, shower or wedding?

If so please contact my via:  contact  (at)  trulymckee  (dot) com



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FaerieCon 2014 Inspiration

wasea101 steam goth steam SF steam sky piece steam dip coat

Dip Back Coat on Rebels Market

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water from heaven.
the dampness of you.
waves in your hands.

Frida Kahlo


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Fresh water and New ideas

Missing my book club ladies but remembering years past, hanging at The Lake.


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