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the Banks

We go to the same place each Summer, which sounds pretty boring.  I assure you it’s not.  It’s relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating.  It’s a fun place to explore.  In seven years, we’ve still not seen all that there is to … Continue reading

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OK, so it feels like it’s late October.  And it’s only late September.  I’m wearing a blazer.  And I’m not wearing sandals or flip flops.  And the heater is on under my desk. But alas, there’s a silver lining to … Continue reading

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We were on our annual beach vacation for the last 2 weeks.  It was the usual combination of naps, beach sitting, beach walking, wave riding, pool swimming and general relaxation.  We go with another family who includes Mom and Dad … Continue reading

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23. Indulged

What did I eat last night? What did I drink? Actually, what didn’t I eat last night? I took a huge break from previously scheduled eating (non eating) plans and ate. Like potato chips, Brie, mussels. Not all in one … Continue reading

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2. Adventures in Baking

Our Annual GroundHog celebration is just days away.   I definitely must be on task this week. First on the agenda is grocery trip…. Supplies for Friday’s dinner and the King Cake are a necessity. What’s a King Cake? It has … Continue reading

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3. Communal Beverages

This was purchased the day after Christmas. I was at an event celebrating the fact that it was the day after Christmas and all or most of the shenanigans were over. We rented a limo. It was Girls Nite. We … Continue reading

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