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Seasonal Affective Disorder really sucks

….that’s pretty obvious, is it not? So, I wanted to crawl into a hole last winter.  In March, I pretty much *did* crawl into a hole.  I’m going to do my best this year to head this thing off at … Continue reading

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Weather Related, Again

So, the Southeast and Eastern Seaboard is getting housed by another storm.  Said storm is working it’s way to the Northeast too.  And it’s sunny here in Ohio.  There’s still a ton of snow here but it’s really sunny.  I … Continue reading

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Weather related, entirely

Hunkering down.  Napping.  Watching movies.  Trying to keep it together.  Trying to meet the basic obligations.  Kind of pigging out on watching the Olympics and Downton Abbey. By the way, fuck this weather.  I’ve had just about enough.

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