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I May Have a Problem (a problem with shoes…)

Today’s really my first chance to get organized & get my “systems” back in place. 12 weeks of cycling training followed immediately by 2 weeks of sewing will do that to you. “Hi my name is Heather and I’m a … Continue reading

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Grace Slick by Herb Greene Grace.  Icon.  Rock and Fucking Roll.  And….and…and….and….Amazing. I love their eyes.  Makeup?  Photography?  Who knows. Are you a coffee shop person? Or coffee at home? A stellar set up from Nubby. Custom colors, setup and … Continue reading

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So yeah.  Did I wish it would snow in December/January?  I think I did. I guess I kinda tempted fate a bit. Because.  It.  Is.  Still.  Snowing. It snowed a couple of inches over night and the plow and salt … Continue reading

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So, here’s a quick edit of a small section of my many pairs of footwear.  Credit where it’s due? Major shout out to Eden at fussy.  She also posts a mean NaBloShoeMo.  Stole the idea right from her.  Fussy is … Continue reading

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29. Another True Story

I’ve taken photos so I can ShoePoBloMo you.  (that sounds a little risque, doesn’t it?) Shoe Posting Blog Month….get those filthy ideas out of your head! And I don’t like the quality of the light.  Picky, aren’t I?  I guess … Continue reading

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