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organized? maybe

  There’s so much to do.  I’m excited about all the things to do.  I’m finding that I’m still getting used to doing something different, something on my own.  I am a master at prioritizing but somehow, this is different. … Continue reading

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So much time…

so little to see…. Yep.  Up against a few deadlines with some loose ends hanging around.  Nothing like the loose ends to make me crazy. So it goes.  Once I’m deep into my to do list, it won’t bother me … Continue reading

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I’ve become that person…

….who talks about weed-wackers and grills at a lawn party. I did all of the things on Saturday and The List was long.  Frankly, I’m trying to hold back from writing the list of what I did on Saturday.  It … Continue reading

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Who knew

Even though tree pollen count is not high, my allergies are still here.  Hello Visine. HP ink cartridges have an expiration date imbedded in them.  After this date, they don’t work.  Whut? Google Reader is going away in July.  Two … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung?

I did a pretty comprehensive deep clean about two weeks ago, including rooting through and cleaning my Studio and the Yoga Room/Guest Bedroom.  (Yeah, seriously, who does that? Clean the yoga room? Oh yeah, my MIL was coming for an … Continue reading

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14. Not *my* List

I just had about 5 new things put on my to do list at work.  I didn’t actually put them there.  They were given to me. I keep them separate…..”my list” and “their list” I get all of it done, … Continue reading

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1. Thanks

Here we are at the “Official”  NaBloPoMo month.  I’m going to take a good run at it this year in an effort to rejuvenate my creative blogging juices. It seems that the beginning of the month is always squashed with … Continue reading

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