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From Vogue The countdown has begun for FaerieCon 2012.  I have 5 weeks 3 weeks to conjure up two more entire outfits.  I’m about half way done with the first second outfit. Here are some preliminary inspirations for this year.  First and … Continue reading

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Spinning vs. Stopping

Chakra Nebula by Anaxsys So, my mind is kind of spinning. My heart knows but it’s spinning a bit too. And then they stop. And then it starts all over again. I’m going to put up a post I wrote … Continue reading

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Unidentified photographer Portrait of a group of plasterers 1850 (ca) Daguerreotype, 1/6 plate Collection Matthew R. Isenburg Early photographs of tradesmen.  Most are Daguerreotypes.  The interesting thing?  There are no photographs of women, only men.  Apparently, women didn’t “work” back then.  Or maybe … Continue reading

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We were on our annual beach vacation for the last 2 weeks.  It was the usual combination of naps, beach sitting, beach walking, wave riding, pool swimming and general relaxation.  We go with another family who includes Mom and Dad … Continue reading

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26. Random

So, we’re back home from the ‘Burgh, I’ve unpacked, made turkey broth that I’ll freeze tomorrow and done a load of laundry. Next on the docket is bad tv, more laundry and crashing while meaning to read a new book. … Continue reading

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#1 Covert Operations

Our friends Sherry & Chantal recently went on a Caribbean cruise. They went with a large group of people including Sherry’s Mom who we all call “Grandma”. Part of their planning revolved around the idea of saving some money on … Continue reading

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